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MobileOptimized 2020 is the 10th annual international tech conference dedicated to mobile development.

Оrganized by SPACE together with Android & iOS enthusiasts from GDG Minsk & CocoaHeads Belarus communities.
OCTOBER 17, 2020
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Ben is one half of the team that builds Halide and Spectre, two popular photography apps for iPhone, from the video processing engine to the UI.
This talk covers the low-level details of processing video in realtime.

We draw from the experience building the in-house video renderer that powers Halide and Spectre. We'll cover GPU programming, data oriented design, and affordances of Swift that make it a competitive alternative to C++.

Even if you use a higher level framework, you'll walk away from the talk understanding what the frameworks do under the hood.
Marcos is a Senior Android developer at Sky and has been working with Android since 2010.

At Sky he has been leading the migration and modularization of the SkySports and SkyNews Android apps and currently works on the re-write of the MySky app.

He loves automating stuff and is constantly trying to find ways to reuse code and features without having to write a single line of code more than once. When he is not coding he is flying a PA28 across the UK.
Modularization is the new trend, almost everybody in the Android ecosystem is refactoring their apps to use a modularized approach. We at Sky are no different, we had a big monolithic codebase supporting 4 apps in different countries that we started modularizing in September 2017. But we failed, big time.

This talk is an honest retrospective of everything that went wrong, the bad decisions made, the approach we initially took and how we, against all odds, eventually started re-building a maintainable, sustainable and extensible modularized codebase.

You will learn from our mistakes and struggles, like defining what is a module and its responsibilities, how to integrate Dagger in a multi-module environment, set some rules and best practices and much more but, more importantly, you will learn what not to do when modularizing your codebase.
Rob is co-author of iOS Programming Pushing the Limits, and maintainer of the RNCryptor encryption format.

Before coming to Cocoa, he made his living sneaking into Chinese facilities in broad daylight.

Today, he shapes music over Bluetooth for Logitech, explores old ideas in new languages, and tries to figure out how all of this applies to Swift.
Security though obscurity is no security…sort of. Obfuscation is fragile and a never ending battle, but sometimes the only tool for the job.

In this session you'll learn what attacks your app is facing, and how to use cryptography, obfuscation, and steganography to protect your users and business.
Dr. Aygul Zagidullina is a passionate Actions on Google developer. Her work experience includes Google, Todoist, MotaWord.
She holds a PhD in quantum chemistry and prior to Google dedicated 6 years to scientific research at the University of Stuttgart.

Aygul is a very active member of the London digital ecosystem and has been involved in many innovative projects. She is a Google Developer Group (GDG)/ Women Techmakers (WTM) London lead, Google Top Contributor (TC)/ Trusted Tester (TT), and UK STEM Ambassador.

Aygul has been a distinguished speaker at numerous international industry events in the US (at Google HQ), UK, Germany, Ireland, UAE, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Georgia, and Russia.
She was named as one of The NEXT 100 Top Influencers of the European Digital Industry in 2013.
Learn to build for voice first so you can easily surprise and delight your users on hundreds of millions of devices through the Google Assistant. Let's be honest: it's quite easy to be tempted to take an existing visual-based experience and simply convert it to voice.

In this talk, we'll cover five key ways voice-first development differs from screen-first development. You'll learn how to create engaging experiences for voice, the next major disruption in computing. By the end of this session, you should have a better understanding of what types of use cases transfer well to voice interactions and why.


Front-end Developer
Android Developer
Alexandr Shalamov
Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Android Developer
Android Developer
Android Developer
Full Stack Software Engineer
Organizer of GDG Minsk. Passionate about community.

Enjoying challenging stuff and creating cool things.
My main goal in life is to organize everything around.

In my non-screen time, I like meditating and drinking coffee.
I help the GDG Minsk community. I am a mentor at Android Academy Minsk.

I love facing challenges and overcoming them!
Love computer science, iOS platform, programming, maths, *nix and photography.

Relaxing for me is coding and keeping up to date with technology. A man without Facebook.
Co-organizer of GDG Minsk and Android Academy Minsk, who is passionate about testable and high-quality code. A frequent speaker in Minsk and outside.

Meanwhile works at Flo Health Inc as Android Developer. Main interests besides programming are football and traveling.
Swift developer by day, Rust maniac by night
Working in the Health team responsible for decisions in the field of women's health and wellness.

Passionate about mobile performance, algorithms and Continuous Integration tools to build better developer experience.
Developing applications for Android. Clean architecture and clean code lover.
A loyal fan of Android Academy Minsk and the entire mobile community. I help newcomers get into IT and get rid of the impostor syndrome.

I am a mentor for Rolling Scopes courses.

I adore media, public speaking and dogs.

Speaker and GDG Minsk Community supporter, organizes and participates in Web Meetups and Conferences.

Software Engineer at Mapbox, passionate about making things done while keeping quality high.

I enjoy travelling, books and spending quality time with my own family and kids!


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30 days visa-free

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MobileOptimized 2020 is a community conference intended for networking and experience exchange in the developers community.

MobileOptimized 2020 is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, abasement and any form of disrespect.Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks.

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